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10 Benefits Of A Metal Roof In St Pete FL

10 Benefits Of A Metal Roof In St. Pete FL

St. Petersburg, Florida has a tropical climate. This can lead to severe weather conditions that can have a significant impact on your roof. It can rain throughout the year, and summers can be extremely hot and stormy. These conditions call for sturdy and strong roofing materials. This is why metal roofing works well for homes in St Pete FL. Here are 10 Benefits Of A Metal Roof In St Pete FL.

1. Climate Tolerance

Metal roofing can withstand most of the harsh conditions in St. Petersburg’s climate. Strong winds have virtually no effect on metal roofs. The sun’s extreme heat does not cause the paint to crack or warp. The paint is not affected by the UV rays. Finally, metal roofs don’t absorb water.

2. Life Expectancy And Strength

Metal is extremely strong, and it does get effected from ordinary debris or tree limbs. It can last between 70 and 80 years. A metal roof has a life expectancy that is equal to an average human being.

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3. Fire Safety

Metal is resistant to fire. You will need to fire-resistant treat most roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles or wood shingles. Metal does not require it so you can save money.

4. Bio-Growth Resistance

Metal roofs don’t absorb water and do not retain it. You don’t have to worry about biogrowth on your St. Petersburg roof. Because you don’t have mold or mildew growth to worry about, your roof will still look beautiful. A metal roof is good for your health and safety. The Metal roof is suited to the climate in St. Petersburg, Florida.

5. A Green Option

Metal can be recycled 100%. Metal sheets can be recycled to make new ones. It is also very eco-friendly. Asphalt shingles can’t be recycled and must be disposed of in landfills. This can often cause land pollution and damage to our land.

6. Energy Efficiency

Your roof is a key part of regulating your house’s temperature. Metal is a good reflector of heat and UV-rays. The house’s temperature will stay significantly lower in summer. It can also retain heat in winter due to its same qualities. This means that a metal roof can help you in bringing down the energy bill.

7. Metal Roofing Is Easy To Install

Metal sheets are by far the lightest roofing material. The installation and handling of metal sheets is easy. This saves you time and effort.

8. Cost-Effective

Metal roofs are very expensive upfront. It saves you a lot in the long-term. Metal roofs last a lot longer than other roofing materials. It requires virtually no maintenance.

9. Design Options With Metal Roofs Are Endless

Metal sheets can be either smooth, ridged or corrugated. Metal roofing comes in many different sizes and shapes and colors. This makes it more appealing in today’s market.

10. Aesthetics

A metal roof has the added advantage of being available in many colors. A metal roof gives your home a sleek and shiny look. This will increase the curb appeal of your St. Petersburg home. This increases the market value of your home.

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