4 Types of Metal Roofs

Metal roofing materials are an excellent choice for any home and a metal roof can often have a much longer lifespan than traditional roofing materials. Most metal roofs can last up to 50 years and throughout this time you will be responsible for a minimal amount of maintenance. Adding features to a metal roofing material like a cool roof coating to make sure the temperature regulation and energy efficiency are better than ever before. If you’re trying to decide which type of metal roof is best for your needs, consider some of these top advantages and disadvantages of the 4 types of metal roofs:

Copper Roof

If you’re looking for a classical look that’s very charming, copper is a great choice. This is a metal roofing type that’s been around for many centuries and it is known for its charm. As copper ages, a blue to green patina color can happen as it’s exposed to the elements. Even with this discoloration copper remains beautiful and extremely durable. The biggest drawback to installing copper roofs is that it can be an expensive choice. Copper does have a tendency to stain or streak as water runs off in specific patterns. Using copper as a roofing material for a chimney cap or bay window awning can be an excellent choice. 


Zinc is another type of long-lasting metal roof component. Zinc will change its color over time but it will not rust. Zinc also has a very low melting point which makes it extremely easy to manufacture and it requires less energy to manufacture. Zinc is an excellent green roofing choice and it helps with energy efficiency. Zinc materials in your roofing system will also be 100% recyclable. Zinc roofing materials also don’t require any type of coatings like aluminum and its likely to last over many decades. The only drawback to installing zinc as a material is that it is not highly resistant to hail and the material can be quite costly to install. Most zinc roofing requires a specialized roofing crew as well. 


Aluminum is a favored type of metal roof on the market today because of the green roofing choice. Aluminum is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and durable. Most aluminum roofing materials today come prepainted with a specialty coating that can make it more efficient for your home too. There’s a wide range of options that can help you get an aluminum roof in your style. Aluminum is relatively easy to manufacture, it’s recyclable and it is easy to manipulate into almost any profile that is required for a metal roof. Metal roof components in aluminum are much cheaper than zinc or copper but they are more expensive than a traditional asphalt roof. The aluminum roof has a longer life span but it is important to consider the upfront costs with your budget.

Steel Roof

Steel roofing materials have long been used in commercial applications but they are also becoming more popular in residential roofs. Steel is made up of iron and other elements to produce weathered steel roofing, galvalume steel roofing, and galvanized steel roofing. You’re most likely to see galvanized steel roofing which is a steel roofing component that has an inner layer of zinc. Steel roofing is the least expensive type of metal roofing material and it’s made primarily out of recycled materials. The only drawback to using steel roofing is that it can rust over time and this is why a galvanized steel roofing is so important. The outside of the steel roof may begin to rust over time but the core will remain strong and protective. 

If you are weighing the options between these types of steel roofs and you’d like to learn more about what would be best for your home, contact our staff today to learn more.