4 Ways A New Roof Can Fail

4 Ways a New Roof Can FailOne of the last things that you might expect is a roofing failure but unfortunately this can happen. We have decided to share some of the main causes of a roofing failure and what can be done to avoid these failures. Read below to prevent the chance that you may get a new roof that could fail. Here are some of the common ways a new roof can fail; being prepared for them is essential for maximizing the life of your roof.

A Poor Installation Process

Every successful home improvement project needs to have a proper installation process. It doesn’t matter how good the products or materials are, these are options that will not perform properly if they are installed incorrectly. A roofing contractor that holds the proper certification from roofing manufacturers will ensure that you are getting the best in trusted professionals. 

Inadequate Ventilation

Having proper ventilation for a new roofing installation is important to keeping the roof in prime condition. A complete roofing system like GAF lifetime roofing, gives you access to a ventilation system that will make sure that hot air can push moisture through the attic and keep your roofing system cool throughout the year. You can also minimize the expansion and contraction of these materials to reduce the chances of roofing failure.

Improper Use of Flashing

Flashing will protect the areas across your roof including protrusions in chimneys, exhaust pipes and the dormers that meet the roofing systems. These are the areas that are most vulnerable to leaks, and having issues with your flashing could cause you to quickly spring a leak over time. Using the caulking gun or some form of sealant is not recommended for these options as they can quickly degrade. Understanding how important these components can be and why you should use step flashing or counter flashing will minimize leak risks.

The Use of Low Quality Materials

Low quality materials and shingles will not cut the cost of your roof. A low-cost product might be considered something that’s appealing, but choosing a product based off of the lowest bidder usually cuts costs in almost every area of your roof. From the flashing, to leak barriers to the selants, the roofing materials that are installed are going to be designed to work as a complete team and this will reduce the chance of a roofing failure. It’s always better to go with a company that can offer you a superior quality of workmanship as well as an improved quality of building material.

It is possible for you to avoid any type of premature roofing failure by working with a roofer that is experienced and it uses quality materials. Contact us today to learn more about premature roofing failures as well as how you can use the best materials on the market to enjoy a better life span for your roof!