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What Goes Into GAF Master Elite® Certification?

All About GAF’s WindProven Limited Wind Warranty

Take charge and strengthen your home’s defenses with a GAF WindProven Limited Wind Warranty. This warranty is a complete package. If you’re on the fence, here’s proof that it’s a great fit for your roof.

The Value of a GAF WindProven Limited Wind Warranty

For starters, GAF’s WindProven Limited Wind Warranty is powered by LayerLock, which is an advanced bonding agent. It’s designed for GAF shingles, and it’s fit for high-risk zones. 

Qualifying Shingles

If you want superior protection against mighty wind gusts, you’ll need the right shingles. Here are six shingles that are eligible for a WindProven Limited Wind Warranty:

  • The Timberline HDZ: Timberline HDZ shingles are the number one shingles by GAF among consumers in the U.S. They’re available in a variety of colors, and they come with StainGuard Plus Algae Protection.
  • The Timberline UHDZ: These shingles are premium laminate shingles. They effectively combine beauty and strength.
  • The Timberline AS II: Timberline AS II shingles pack a one-two punch. They can withstand severe weather, and they can fight the effects of blue-green algae.
  • The Timberline CS: With these shingles, your home will become more energy efficient. Unlike other shingles by GAF, this variety is highly reflective. As a result, its materials can counteract the effects of heat.
  • The Timberline HDZ RS: Timberline HDZ RS shingles were improved by the Cool Roof Rating Council. They’re available in rich, vibrant colors that are fit for a modern home.
  • The Timeline HDZ RS+: These shingles produce a shadowy effect. They come equipped with EcoDark granules, which have strong reflective properties.

Breaking Down the Components

Everyone shingle that is eligible for the warranty has four key components. The components include a ridge cap, LayerLock, a protective moisture barrier, and a starter strip that prevents blow-offs.

Getting a Grip With the Adhesive

LayerLock is not the only feature that defines GAF shingles. Although it’s an efficient technology, it has backup, and it’s called Dura Grip. Dura Grip is a patented solution that has superior holding power. When combined with LayerLock and the four primary components, Dura Grip has what it takes to ensure the ultimate protection against the elements.