Can You Put a Metal Roof Over Shingles?

Can You Put a Metal Roof Over ShinglesMetal roofing offers an advanced level of durability and longevity when compared to almost any other type of roofing material today. When we consider some of the most versatile roofing materials on the market today, metal roofing can have a huge advantage over many types of traditional roofing. One of the reasons that many people shy away from using metal roofing is because of its added costs of installation. Because of the added costs associated with the installation, a common question that many people ask is whether a metal roof can be installed over top of current roofing material. 

Metal Roofing on Top of Shingles

If you have a shingle roof and you’re planning on installing metal roofing components you might be interested to know whether you will be able to simply install metal roofing tiles on top of your shingles. Metal roofing can be installed over top of a shingle roof and there’s no need for you to completely tear off the shingles you have in place before the installation. One of the greatest advantages of using metal roofing is that it can be installed over older roofing materials and it’s extremely lightweight. It’s one of the best options to install on top of an existing roofing material but only if you are able to work with a contractor that uses approved methods for the installation. 

Approving The Installation Process

Before the metal roofing tiles are placed on top of your old shingles there needs to be an inspection done on your roof to make sure that the base for the metal roofing components will be safe to hold your new roofing. If the plywood underneath your shingles is not reliable and will not be able to hold the screws for your metal roofing components, a roofing contractor may recommend replacing the plywood before the process takes place. Rotting in your roofing materials could put you at risk especially during hurricane season.

Building Codes

Building codes are also something needs to be kept in mind during the installation process. If you have more than two layers of building materials already in place on your roof, these items will likely have to be torn away before the installation can take place on your new roofing materials. Having too many layers of roofing materials on your roof can put extra strain on the trusses. Too many layers also make it more difficult to inspect the plywood layer on the base of your roof to ensure that the screws will have a proper grounding for your metal roofing materials. 

The Installation Process

The best way to place metal roofing materials over your current roofing shingles is to use an underlayment over the shingle roof and to use proper screws to fix the new metal into place. The benefit of using this buffer will ensure that the shingles can continue to keep a hold and a proper base for your roof over time. Proper underlayment can reduce the chance that the shingle granules will fade away and cause premature wear in your roofing materials. There’s also a way to install purlins with your roof and this can give you a new flat surface to install the metal roofing without the irregularities and grooves between the two roofing layers. 

The choice that makes sense for your roof will come down to the preferences of your contractor and what works best for your roofing situation. By finding a quality contractor for your metal roof installation, you’ll be able to get the best roofing materials and the longest lifespan on your roof. 

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