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Commercial Roof Repair Clearwater FL

Commercial Roof Repair Clearwater FL

If you want your business to be open and unhindered, it is vital to ensure that your commercial building is in good condition. Clearwater’s commercial roofing company Old Time Roofing plays an important role in keeping your roof in great condition. A commercial roof can be damaged and cost much more than a residential roof. You could lose a lot of money. Clearwater, Florida proactive roof maintenance from Old Time Roofing is the best option. This means you must detect damage before it becomes serious. This is best done by inspecting your roof often and thoroughly. If you are looking for commercial roof repair in Clearwater FL, Old Time Roofing has got you covered!

Factors That Can Cause Damage To Commercial Roofs

1. Age

It is possible for your roof to sustain serious damage if it is at the end of its lifespan. Routine inspections will alert you to this. Next, you will need to decide if it is a roof replacement or repair that is needed. Before making a decision, you should consult an expert.

2. Damages Collateral To AC/electrical Repairs

While repairing other structures, your roof could sustain minor collateral damage. If the workers are not careful, they may leave small cracks or holes after finishing their work. If these issues are not addressed immediately, they could lead to more serious problems and eventually cause major water damage to your Clearwater, Florida property. After such work is completed, it is advisable to conduct a thorough roof inspection. These problems should be addressed immediately.

3. Unprofessional Installation

Consider whether the roofer is qualified to install a commercial roof. Commercial roofs can be affected by adjacent roofs. This is not the case with residential roofs. Many issues can be overlooked by a roofer who isn’t experienced enough. This will lead to larger problems.

Common Setbacks That Can Impact Your Commercial Roofing Health

1. Damage To The Roofing Materials

All weather conditions can be hard on roofing materials. Clearwater’s heat can often be a burden on roofing materials. Different roofing materials are affected by UV rays. Asphalt shingles may warp or curl in heat, and crack under UV rays. These problems should be addressed immediately. Wind is likely to blow away the shingles. It is important to replace any missing shingles.

2. Water Pooling

Commercial buildings often have flat roofs, or roofs that have very low pitches. You should always be careful to avoid puddles on your roof during the rainy season. This can be caused by any imperfections in the installation. Water can also puddle from debris buildup on your roof. The integrity of your roof will be at risk as these puddles slowly penetrate the roofing material. It is important to immediately address this problem as soon as you notice it.

3. Drainage Systems

Due to the accumulation of debris, drains and vents can clog. These structures should be cleaned regularly and thoroughly.

4. Flashing Damages

Flashings are placed at the base of roof structures such as skylights, vents and chimneys. They are susceptible to being damaged over time. Damaged flashing can cause damage to your roof’s health. These should be taken into consideration when inspecting your roof. Small cracks in roofing cement or deformations of metal sheets should not be ignored. It is worth repairing the roof immediately to avoid unnecessary worry and cost.

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5. Improper Pitching

It is very dangerous to not have your commercial roof pitched by an expert. It can cause problems with the flow and water pooling. Water pooling can lead to future water damage and leaks. When installing a commercial roof, extreme care must be taken.

6. Flow Off From Adjacent Buildings

Traditionally commercial buildings are very close together. If your roof happens to be at a lower level than that of the adjacent buildings, the flow off from them may affect your roof. The building companies are aware of these facts and an experienced company will do the necessary tweaks to the roof of your building.

The bottom line is, frequent roof inspections will go a long way in keeping your commercial roof in Clearwater, Florida happy and healthy. Call Old Time Roofing today and schedule to have one of our roofing experts come out and run through a roof inspection for your commercial roof! If you are looking for commercial roof repair in Clearwater FL, Old Time Roofing has got you covered!