Common Commercial Roof Problems

Common Commercial Roof ProblemsWhether you have a residential roofing system or a commercial roofing system, problems can occasionally pop up from time to time. A commercial or residential roof is bound to experience a series of minor issues that can be avoided or resolved by keeping up with roofing maintenance. By following a few good habits and maintaining adequate roofing maintenance is possible to handle any of your serious roofing problems as they are required. 

The longer that you delay addressing some of these major problems, the worst that they could be for your roofing systems. The risks for your roof can be much larger for the commercial roof because you’re not only putting your property at risk, but you could be putting your tenants at risk as well. Commercial roofing experts are required for completing regular maintenance and with the help of our commercial roofing inspection experts, we can help to keep you safe with your roofing systems. Here are some of the most common commercial roof problems that you can face and how they can be properly resolved.

Leaks In Your Roof

Leaks are not a new problem for commercial roofing systems and they can cause a series of issues with your roofing if they are left to continue. One of the most common issues that can occur is a water penetration issue. The best way to resolve leaks in your roof is to contact a local roofing contractor that can assess the extent of the leak and then carry out necessary repairs. You can avoid leaks by making sure that there is no standing water on your roofing system and that the roofing materials across your roof is not deteriorating. 

Missing Shingles

Many commercial roofs come with shingles. If you have a more traditional roof for your commercial roofing structure, it’s important to consider replacing shingles whenever there is a storm or when you notice the signs that your commercial roofing system has been compromised. 

Improper Coating

Cool roof coatings are often designed with your commercial roof so that you can reduce the total amount of UV radiation that affects your roofing systems. With the assistance of a new cool roof coating, you will be able to protect your roof from UV radiation as well as seal in the roofing materials for the future use of your roofing systems. 

Damage To The Membranes

If a flat roof membrane is not properly sealed or adhered to the roofing systems, this can cause bubbling, tenting, and other issues. Physical damage to the membranes can often occur if you regularly walk on your roof or if you have placed items on your roof that are not supported by your roofing structures. 

Zero Maintenance

Regular inspections or maintenance are not the most fun aspect of roofing repairs. They can prevent problems with roofing issues in the future, but you will need to stick to your maintenance schedule. Contact a local roofing company and speak to them about their maintenance agreements so that you don’t end up letting your roof go into disrepair. 

Proper Drainage

If you ignore areas like downspouts and flashing, water can collect on your roof. Regular cleaning and checking in on your downspouts can be important to make sure that your entire roofing system is going to stand up to ongoing rainstorms and more. Without proper consideration for your drainage, you could end up with flooding and greater concerns of water retention with your roof.

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