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Composite Shingles – The Benefits

Composite Shingles - The Benefits

A roof replacement is a must-have for anyone who is moving into an older house that needs renovations or has a roof that is unappealing and leaking. Roof replacement can seem overwhelming, especially when there are so many options. It can be difficult to choose the right option for your home, from asphalt and metal to cedar shake. This guide will help you decide if composite shingles are right for your home.


It is important to understand the ingredients used in the manufacture of composite roofing shingles. These shingles are made up of many different materials, as the name suggests.

Composite shingles are made up of a mixture of asphalt and fiberglass. This combination is not only more eco-friendly, but it’s also lighter and easier for installation.

These shingles are more expensive than traditional asphalt but offer many benefits that make them worth the investment.


No matter the material, a new roof creates a safe and sturdy shelter that will increase your home’s curb appeal and property value. Not all roofing materials are equally durable.

Composite shingles may be lighter than asphalt shingles, but they are still durable. These shingles offer great protection against different weather elements because of the combination of the materials used and the additives that are added to them.

Wind Resistance

Composite is a great choice for roof covering if you live in an area with high winds. These shingles offer protection against wind gusts as high as 60 mph. However, they can withstand winds up to 130 mph.

UV Protection

Fading is a problem that many homeowners with traditional roofing shingles have to deal with. Composite shingles are made from a variety of recycled materials. However, special UV-protective additives are also used. These additives protect your Shingles from UV rays, which can cause fading.

Fire Resistance

Some shingles are better at resisting fire than others. Each type of shingle is rated A, B, C, or Unrated. An A rating offers the greatest protection against fire. Because they are made from non-combustible materials and are non-flammable, asphalt/fiberglass composite roofing shingles have an A fire rating.

Moisture Protection

Roof damage can be a concern during heavy rains, snowstorms, and sleet. Composite shingles protect your roof from moisture damage by acting as a protective shell.

These shingles are less likely to crack or warp than asphalt shingles and cedar shakes.


Composite shingles also offer versatility. These shingles come in many colors that you, or your roofing professional, can match to make an architecturally pleasing roof for your home.

Complementary composite shingles can improve curb appeal and make your home more attractive.


These shingles last longer than traditional asphalt which has a lifespan of about 20 years. Composite shingles have a longer warranty than traditional asphalt shingles due to their durability.

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