Dimensional Shingle Vs 3 Tab

Dimensional Shingle Vs 3 Tab​

Here we determine the differences between Dimensional Shingle Vs 3 Tab shingles so that you can understand which option may be best for your home. We hope you find this comparison between architectural shingles and three-tab shingles an effective solution that is accurate for choosing the right shingle style for your home.

Architectural Shingles/ Dimensional Shingles

This three-tab dimensional shingle has the look of an asphalt shingle but they have several tabs built in various sizes and shapes. The tab system can make them resemble a shingle roof that is more like a shake-style roof. Architectural shingles in some cases can carry up to 50% more weight than the average three-tab shingle. A dimensional shingle is often thicker and carries a longer warranty than traditional shingle constructions. Most of these shingle types carry a  minimum 30-year guarantee and they are designed to resist higher speeds of wind, the only issue is that these types of shingles can commonly command a higher price.

Dimensional shingles can help to raise the property value of your home when they are properly installed and they become the preferred shingle of many homeowners that are interested in installing asphalt shingles that will bring about new value to the home. Dimensional shingles are a popular choice for the roofing market simply because they last longer and stand as a far better investment for your home.

Traditional Three Tab Shingles

A more traditional style of shingle has one shingle tab size and shape. Architectural shingles are produced using one flat layer and they don’t have the dimensional look that resembles a shake style roof. This style of roofing material often has far fewer asphalt materials on board and this can mean that it weighs far less than the average architectural shingle. Traditional three Shingles are not as thick and this often means that they have a much shorter guarantee. The three shingle roofs will need to be replaced at a minimum of every 15 years.

Three-tab shingles can cost considerably less than architectural shingles. The three-tab traditional shingle has become a preferred choice amongst many residential properties because it’s much more inexpensive to install. These traditional shingles are becoming less popular for installation however because the dimensional style of shingle can come with a longer lifespan and a far greater choice for protection on the roofing system.

If you are trying to decide between these shingle types, it is important to consider some of the advantages of using dimensional shingles over a more traditional shingle. Traditional three-tab shingles are still available for purchase because they are one of the best budget-friendly options. 

If you are trying to find a product that’s going to have a longer lifespan, as well as improve the look of your roof, dimensional shingles are a far better choice. Although they cost a bit more of an upfront investment, they can often pay for themselves with a longer lifespan as well as improvements in areas like wind resistance. Rather than simply settling for the cheapest option, choosing a dimensional shingle can be a far better choice for your home construction and for maximizing the value of your home over time.

Appearance of Dimensional Shingle Vs 3 Tab Shingle

You might not be able to tell the difference between 3-tab and architectural shingles at first glance. You’ll be able to see the differences if you look closer. While 3-tab shingles look like three separate shingles, they are actually one piece. Architectural shingles are made with an extra layer of asphalt. They look like wood or slate, but they are bulkier. As we mentioned above, both types are available in a range of colors so that you can design a roof that suits your taste.

Life Span

Asphalt shingles generally have a very long lifespan. Architectural shingles last longer because of their superior quality composition. They can last anywhere from 15 to 25 years. They can even last for 30 years if they are kept in good condition. 3-tab shingles, on the other hand, can last between 10 and 20 years depending on how they are treated. They can last up to 25-years in milder climates.


As mentioned above, architectural shingles are coated with an extra layer of asphalt. This greatly increases their durability. They can withstand winds up to 110 mph and are more resistant to hail and snow.

Because they only have one layer of material, 3-tab shingles are thinner. They are not as durable as architectural or shingle shingles, but they will still protect your home from the sun, rain, and snow.


Homeowners want to personalize their new roof. The layered nature of architectural shingles allows for a variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose from a variety of textures and dimensional looks as well as colors.

The 3-tab shingles look much better, but they are more rigid in appearance. They are available only in one size and have a flat complexity. It will be difficult to add your personal touch to the roof.


It’s not surprising that architectural shingles tend to be more expensive than other types of roofing materials when it comes down to cost. Why? They are more durable and last longer. They typically cost between $35-$45 per bundle.

If you don’t have the budget for a large roof, 3-tab shingles are a good option. They are reliable and cheaper. Because of their simple design, 3-tab shingles typically cost $25 per bundle. Keep in mind, however, that 3-tab shingles can be less durable and may need to be replaced or repaired in the future.

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