Discoloration On Roof Shingles

Discoloration on Roof ShinglesIf you have started to notice dark streaks or discoloration on roof shingles it is likely that you may have high humidity in your area. These dark streaks are often caused by blue and green algae. These types of algae spores are easily spread through the air and then they can start to multiply quickly when they plant themselves into your roofing shingles. You may not notice these dark streaks along the metal flashing because this area is coated with copper or zinc which can be toxic to the algae. When it rains, small amounts of this copper and zinc drift down from the flashing and prevent the chance that algae can grow in these areas and this is why you will commonly see streaks across the roof. 

How Discoloration Can Hurt Your Roof

Discoloration along the shingles from algae spores will not directly hurt your roof but it does detract from the look of your home and it may ultimately lower the value of your home. Many people will begin to perceive the DLG is causing an issue with your roof or that you haven’t properly maintained your roofing system. 

Getting Rid of Discoloration On The Roof

Using chemical cleaner can work but the repetitive use of this harsh chemical cleaner can lower the life expectancy of your shingles and potentially harm the landscaping features around your house. Power washing your roof is also not an ideal solution to the problem. Power washing can often remove some of the granules from your shingles which can reduce their life expectancy and potentially void the warranty for your roof. The best option to get rid of discoloration to your roof is to use an eco-friendly solvent and to have a professional apply it to the area. This is one of the only ways that you can stop discoloration and algae growth without damaging your roofing systems. 

Catch Discoloration Early

An easy way to monitor for discoloration on your roof is to perform regular roofing inspections. If you are regularly monitoring the health of your roof and taking a look for discoloration often, you can make sure that the items can be quickly removed from your roofing systems and that you can check in on the overall health and well-being of your shingles throughout the lifespan of your roof. Catching discoloration early will also make sure that the roofing systems can be easier to clean rather than when algae has the chance to build up into your roofing system and form larger streaks. 

How To Prevent Algae From Growing On Shingles

The most effective way that you can prevent algae from growing in the first place is to install a zinc-coated strip of sheet-metal below the ridge of your roof. Having a roofing contractor install this strip will honor your roof’s warranty and make sure that you can prevent algae growth. Algae resistant shingles also come with copper granules which are woven into the shingle. Shingles that contain around 6% copper granules will make sure that your roof can always look great and that you can extend the overall lifespan of your shingles. 

If you are interested in performing algae removal from your roof or you would like to install a strip that can prevent algae, contact our staff today. For more information about getting rid of the discoloration on your roofing shingles, contact the team today