FAQs About Hurricane & Hail Damage

Hurricane & Hail DamageHailstorms cause a wide selection of damage to roofing systems across the United States each year. The nature of the damages caused by hailstones is very different than the impact you will see on roofing wear and tear. Damage caused by hailstones often comes as the impact of downed trees, hurricane winds, and more. Making sure that you’re getting a regular roofing inspection after hail damage and hurricanes are passed through is extremely important to improving the longevity of your roofing systems. 

Why Hail Damage Isn’t Always Obvious

If you have textured roofing materials or architectural shingles, the roofing materials may be damaged from hail and it’s often difficult to find the shallow dents in the system without a professional eye. If these dents are deep enough to bruise the layer of waterproofing, even a  small puncture or a future weather event could easily allow rainwater to drain down to the roof and cause significant damage inside your home or business. 

Is It Possible To Inspect The Roof Myself?

Although it may be tempting for you to inspect your roof yourself to save a bit of money, it’s often ill-advised to go up on a roof by yourself. Many homeowners lack the safety training and the expertise to make sure that the job can be done properly and this can often make matters worse for your roofing systems. Experienced professionals need to be able to conduct a roof inspection safely. We will ensure that a full roofing inspection can be conducted thoroughly and the best solution can be met for managing your hail or hurricane damage. 

How Often Should I Be Inspecting My Roof?

If you have traditional asphalt shingles it is likely that your roofing systems may start to break down after 10 years of use. Making sure that you’re getting regular inspections is important to prevent problems with your roof and the chance that you could see problems later on. Regular roofing inspections are a pillar of home maintenance that is extremely important for the future of your property.

Can Hail Damage Tile Roofs?

Even if you don’t have shingles on your roof, small hailstones may have damaged your roofing tiles and this damage can often be limited to more than just hairline cracks. If small chips begin breaking off, you could have a serious problem on your hands with your tiles breaking or completely losing their structural integrity. 

What Happens After The Roof Inspection?

After roof inspection takes place, we will inform homeowners more about the findings from the inspection process. We want to come up with a proper repair and maintenance plan with a written estimate that’s going to offer no pressure. We offer a series of financing options and roofing services even in an emergency. 

Contact us today if you are interested in a quality roofing inspection after a hurricane or hail damage has occurred. We will make sure your roofing systems can be updated and managed after a major weather event.