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Flat Roof vs Sloped Roof Cost

Flat roof vs Sloped roof cost

Flat roof vs sloped roof are two popular choices with their own set of advantages and drawbacks to cost. When selecting roofing systems, the cost is an essential factor to consider. Whether you’re building a new home or looking to replace an old one, understanding the cost differences between various systems is necessary.

Why Opt for a Flat Roof?

Flat roofs provide numerous advantages, such as energy savings and sky-high gardens.


Flat roofs have become increasingly popular among homeowners due to their Energy Star certification, which ranks them more energy-efficient. The Department of Energy classifies flat roofs as excellent due to their highest potential for reflecting sunlight. Furthermore, flat roofs tend to be more solar-friendly than sloped ones since they allow for more direct exposure to light.

Flat Roofs Allow for Rooftop Planting

Flat roofs offer the unique opportunity to plant a green roof or rooftop garden. Green roofs shade the roof and absorb heat from the air around them, making them extremely energy efficient. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Energy Star have recommended green roofs to reduce urban heat islands – concentrations of heat that occur in urban areas. However, growing vegetation on your top may pose risks, such as living roots causing structural damage.

More Economical

Flat roofs are more cost-effective than sloped roofs if cost is a significant concern. These roofs have a smaller surface area than their sloped counterparts.

Flat roof typically cost $3,100 to $10,000 to install and $4 to $13 per square foot vs sloped roof that cost from $6,600 to $12,000. Prices will depend on the size and material selected for your roof installation.

Flat roof maintenance will increase in cost over the lifetime of your home, so you should consider this when planning out your expenses. Removing any standing water from your roof that may result from rain or snowfall; monitoring during wintertime is essential as heavy snow accumulation may lead to leaks.

Flat roofs with asphalt or felt roofing materials are more prone to splitting than sloped roofs with slate or shingles. When this occurs, the material begins pulling apart, leading to leaks inside your home.

Flat Roofs Provide More Outdoor Living Space

Even if your flat roof isn’t “green,” you can still use it as a patio, depending on the materials used. When creating the foundation for an outdoor dining area, TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) is one popular rubber roofing material that effectively reflects heat away from flat roofs. TPO roofing costs range from $6,800 to $21,000; installation is possible year-round.

Flat roofs can be susceptible to movement, so if they are your design, it could cause a lot of noise inside your home. To reduce noise, a contractor could install decking onto the roof. Patio furniture also poses risks for damage or leaks in flat roofs due to increased foot traffic; additionally, floating decks on top of existing ones should not use fasteners that could harm roofing materials.

Flat Roofs Are Easier to Maintain

Flat roofs require more upkeep than their sloped counterparts. However, they are easier to inspect for defects.

Give off a Modern Aesthetic

Flat roofs give off a modern, minimalist aesthetic. Flat roofs are your best bet if you’re searching for the perfect modern aesthetic.

Signs that a Sloped Roof Could Be Beneficial for You

Are you curious whether a sloped roof is suitable for your home? Here are some signs to consider that flat roof cost less vs sloped roof

Sloped Roofs Typically Have a Longer Lifespan.

Sloped roofs can last 30-50 years, depending on their material and location. In comparison, flat roofs typically only have a lifespan of 12-15 years.

Sloped Roofs Are Good for Snowy Climates

Flat roofs, by design, encourage snow and rain accumulation on their surfaces, leading to the potential formation of ice dams at their edges. If not removed within 48 hours, this could result in structural damage such as wood rot, attic leaks, or other issues. Sloped roofs are particularly susceptible to developing ice dams around their perimeters since they allow for natural water runoff that helps prevent this buildup.

Inclined Roofs Require Less Maintenance

Sloped roofs require less upkeep than flat ones because they don’t collect water as quickly. Furthermore, replacing shingles on a sloped roof is more straightforward than on flat ones. Flat roofs require a waterproof seal to keep out moisture, which you must maintain regularly to ensure its effectiveness.

Slope Roofs Require Fewer Inspections

At least annually, you must inspect flat roofs and sloped roofs alike. Since flat roofs have shorter lifespans than their sloped counterparts, regular inspections become even more essential. You should examine if water accumulates on the surface – this will help ensure that problems don’t worsen. Although sloped roofs still need regular inspection, they tend to have fewer structural issues than flat roofs.

What is the Average Cost of Roofing Installation?

Installing your roof carries several risks, such as damaging framing or injuring yourself. Hiring a professional can cost up to $20,000 for new installations; removing an existing roof may add even more expense. You should hire someone for this task rather than attempt it yourself due to the high-risk factors involved.

The cost of roof installation varies based on the size of the roof.

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