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Flat Roofing

Florida, and Saint Petersburg specifically, are great places to start a commercial business and begin to try and scale and expand! When dealing with commercial business, flat roofing options are often the best possible options available when choosing what roofing option would be best. Flat roofs are quintessential space savers, they allow the roof to be used productively and work to increase the space you have available to work with when running your business. Flat roofs are also good options for certain residences and families as well! A flat room lets you use the entirety of your roof space and put it to work; you can see examples of this everyday! Some families make a floor out of their roof so that they can enjoy it for various events, other residences utilize the space for roof-top gardens if they do not have enough space below for it! There are multiple advantages and disadvantages to utilizing a flat roof for your residential home or commercial business, we will dissect and analyze the various reasons below!

Flat Roofing

The Advantages of Flat Roofing

The advantages of these types of roofing systems are almost innumerable, there is a solid reason why most commercial businesses you see nowadays are running with flat roofs as their system of choice. Many larger businesses, such as big grocery stores, warehouses, and even shops are able leverage the flat space to their advantage. Many of these businesses have a huge need for cooling or energy production; commercial businesses can use the copious amount of space to move things like A/C units, vents, or generators to the roof to save on space and improve the curb appeal of their business! Why mount bulky ugly A/C units to the side of your business when you can move them out of sight, out of mind to the top of the building! Another huge use of this space is for things like power generation! Flat roofs have the inherent benefit of having no slope whatsoever, they are constantly at the optimal angle to capture the most energy from the sun daily! By leveraging the huge amount of flat space on your roof to produce energy for your business, you can improve your bottom line by directly cutting energy costs. Florida obviously is the perfect place for solar panels; with the largest amount of sunny days out of the year in the nation, solar is a booming industry in the state!


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