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What Goes Into GAF Master Elite® Certification?

GAF Warranties: Which One Is for You?

GAF roofing warranties are a must on any new roofs and roof repairs. If your roofing contractor doesn’t offer a GAF warranty, you might regret that later. It’s also important to know that there are many different types and levels of GAF warranties so that you are purchasing materials and a warranty that is right for you and your home.

Educating yourself on these products and warranties is key. Even when a roofing contractor says that he or she offers a GAF warranty, it might not be what you expected if you need to file a claim in the future. That’s not to say that the contractor didn’t offer you a quality protection plan, but that you could have had better if you knew about it and had asked. There are five different types of of GAF warranties available based on the roofing products and services you purchase.

GAF Shingle and Accessory Limited Warranty

This type of warranty covers most issues with shingles and some roofing accessories. It is the standard ten-year warranty on most shingles and shingle products. If you pay a little extra for Stain-Guard shingles, you can get algae protection too. The algae protection and algae warranty allows you to file a claim in the event there’s an accumulation of algae on the roof that discolors the shingles.

GAF Roofing System Limited Warranty

“Roofing system” refers to at least three roofing accessories in conjunction with a complete GAF roof of shingles. It will not cover a partial roof tear-off and reconstruct. The entire roof has to be replaced with GAF shingles and accessories like pivot pipe flashing, seam flashing, etc. Like the shingle and accessory warranty, the roofing system limited warranty does not cover shingle tearing, simple repairs, workmanship or disposal of materials removed.

The System Plus Limited Warranty

This is the best warranty coverage for the least price. It covers installation of a GAF roof when completed by a GAF Master Elite certified roofer. The shingles carry a lifetime warranty when installed by said roofer, which is typically up to fifty years. Additional protection is provided under warranty when you install the Stain-Guard shingles to prevent algae and wind damage. Tear damage of shingles as a result of windstorms is covered under this warranty, but you won’t get repair and disposal covered.

The Silver Pledge Limited Warranty

For a fistful of dollars more, you can get the silver pledge warranty on your GAF roof. A GAF Master Elite contractor has to install the shingles and required roofing accessories to qualify. It covers most everything listed above, plus additional coverage for specialty shingles. Tear damage and disposal are covered under the Silver Pledge.

The Gold Pledge Limited Warranty: The Premium Plan

This covers everything and then some, but you do have to have at least four GAF accessories installed on your roof. On top of covering everything the Silver Pledge warranty covers, the Gold Pledge warranty covers workmanship for up to 25 years. Most people don’t even live in their current homes that long and often downsize or move before that. However, the plan remains an effective selling point if you choose to sell your home before the warranty expires.

Just Enough Coverage or Maximum Coverage?

If you can afford maximum coverage, definitely opt for it especially if you live in areas where high winds or algae growth on roofs are common incidents. If you can’t quite afford that much coverage, pick the most coverage you can afford and be sure to hire a Master Elite certified roofer. Only the Master Elite certified roofing contractor can back certain warranty plans.

Additionally, buying specialty shingles like the Layerlock or Stain-Guard shingles provides unique warranty coverage that standard GAF shingles do not. In the world of roofing, you clearly get what you pay for, and it pays to pay more for higher quality products and products that provide custom protection for your home.

To get an effective quote or comparison of prices and shingles made and approved of by GAF roofing supply companies, contact A Old Time Roofing today. We can show you how paying a little extra now can save you thousands of dollars in the future and make sure your purchase is suitable for your needs.