Hail Damage

Hail DamageHail damage in Florida can be a common occurrence. With highly destructive hail, flash flooding and tornadoes that regularly make their way through the state it’s very important to have access to the right materials for your home that can prevent damage to the structure and protect you during a storm that involves hail. It’s not unusual to see hail throughout a Florida hailstorm approach the size of a quarter or even golf balls. Hail on occasion can reach a lethal size and this is when a roofing system can experience extensive damage and the need for material replacement. There are some excellent ways that you can prepare your property as well as your roofing systems for any type of hail damage. Here are some strategies to help you prepare yourself for hail damage!

Prepare Your Vehicle and Your Family

Make sure that you are staying away from skylights, windows and any glass doors throughout a hailstorm. Take care to stay inside and try to close up any shades or blinds near glass so that you can prevent the maximum amount of glass from making its way into your home. If you can park your car under some sort of shelter, this can help to prevent dents and dings which could equate to thousands of dollars in damage quickly. 

Prepare Your Home Accordingly

If you haven’t received any type of roofing inspection in some time it could be wise for you to call before stormy conditions arise. Contacting us for a quick inspection before the hurricane season can ensure that your roof will be ready when storms hit. Regular maintenance can help to protect your shingles, prevent leaks and prevent the chance that jagged ice could be sent into your home or business damaging your HVAC system. In the event that you were unable to receive an inspection early on or you experienced roofing damage, contact us to provide a post-storm assessment and we can manage any repairs that are required for your roof!

Read Up On Your Insurance

It’s likely that you don’t consider the need for your insurance until you need to make a claim. Insurance can be extremely time-consuming and confusing especially as you are examining your coverage. When you’re hit by a storm you need to know how to make a claim and if you are appropriately covered. Finding out more about your deductible and the type of damages that you are covered for will make it easier to manage hail and wind damage when it occurs. 

Removing Overhanging Trees From Your Property

Hail damage can quickly start to limb trees and do damage to your property. Overhanging trees can be a big concern for your roofing systems and when they are brought down by hail, they quickly cause extensive damage to your roof. As limbs start to fall across your roof, this will lead to problems with wood collecting and disrupting the water flow and issues with branches damaging your roofing materials. Trimming your trees before a major weather event can always work at protecting your home in the future.

Contact us today if you need assistance with your roofing systems before or after a hail storm. We can help with professional inspections and support to help repair hail damage to your roof!