How To Determine Roof Pitch

How To Determine Roof PitchIn order to complete work on your roofing systems or install replacement parts for your roof the angle or pitch of your roof needs to be calculated first. The pitch of your roof is calculated by the number of inches that it rises over a 12 inch area or extension horizontally. If your roof is raised 6 inches for every 12 inches it has a 6 inch 12 pitch to it. Determining the right size for the pitch of your roof will help to make sure that you’re using the right roofing materials. In this article were going to talk about about how to calculate roof pitch and how to work with a roofing contractor to find the best roofing materials. 

With the help of an 18 to 24 inch level, a tape measure, and a pencil you can work at determining the right roofing pitch. If you’re unsure about getting up on your roof or you feel unsafe about climbing a ladder it’s usually best to have a professional measure the pitch of your roof. 

If you would like to measure the pitch of your roof start by measuring 12 inches from one end of the level to the other and making a mark. Place a level against the bottom of the roof in your attic and then hold it perfectly level. Measure the 12 inch mark with the level straight up on the underside of the Rafter and the measurement from the underside of the Rafter will determine what your roof pitch may be. 

The roofing pitch will be a big requirement in finding the ideal type of roofing materials that is suited to your roofing systems. Choosing the wrong type of roofing materials will lead to the chance that your roofing materials being installed improperly or that you could face faster wear on your roofing materials that will also compromise the structural integrity of your roof. Determining a proper roofing pitch will help to ensure you are going to get the ideal type of roofing items to suit your long-term needs. 

It’s always best to work with a roofing professional to verify your results with a roofing pitch measurement. Roofing contractors that are coming to your location for regular inspections anyway can be an excellent resource to determine the roofing pitch on your property. Asking about the pitch of your roof while a routine inspection is going on can help you to confirm the best roofing materials. It’s usually best to have a qualified roofing expert recommend the best materials for your roof and perform the work for greater longevity as well. Excellent quality shingles, the best workmanship and verified results for roof pitch and proper permits are all extremely important to a job well done. 

By choosing a professional contractor you’ll be able to ease the process of your roofing job and enjoy warranty guarantees on the labor associated with your roofing systems as well. Even if you can determine the roof pitch on your own and safely in the attic, it’s usually a good idea to consider having a professional do the work for you for the added value a warranty can bring. 

If you need assistance trying to calculate roof pitch or you’d like to learn more about the best type of roofing materials that you could use to replace your roofing systems, contact our staff today. We can help you not only calculate the pitch of your roof but determine the best path for roofing replacement and improvements for your roofing