REMOVE MOLDWhen most people think of the word mold when it comes to their homes, they are probably panicking and worrying about how much it is going to cost to get rid of it and make their home liveable again. However, when it comes to mold on your roof in Florida, there is a lot less to be worried about than mold elsewhere in your home. When you live in Florida, the unfortunate truth is that mold on your roof can be an issue that arises now and again. While this issue normally only impacts asphalt shingles and not metal roofs, when it happens it happens on the areas of your roof that are exposed to sunlight the least. Here we talk about how to remove mold from your roof.

Thankfully for those who are suffering from mold on their roof, these issues very rarely result in the need to have your entire roof replaced and instead the impacted areas can just be cleaned, replaced or fixed up – saving you lots of money in the process. 

How Is Mold Removed From The Roof?

The first thing that is done when a professional roofing company such as Old Time Roofing takes on a mold replacement job is the protection of all of your landscaping and lawn. This is normally done by covering what can be covered, and dosing what cannot with water in order to protect them from the bleach solution that is used in the removal of the mold. Once everything is covered and the soil, lawn, and landscaping are protected, the actual removal process can begin. 

One of the main tools used when you want to remove mold from a roof is a specialized bleaching agent that has been specifically formulated for use in these types of jobs. This solution is mixed with water and then your roof is sprayed down, with extra care and attention given to the stained or impacted area. This solution is left to soak into the roof for an extended period of time in order to make sure that the mold-stained area is penetrated. Once the solution is soaked in, the roof will be washed clean with water in order to make sure all of the bleaching formula is removed. 

Once the roof is dry, it will be inspected once more to make sure that the process removed all of the mold from the trouble areas. Once the task is completed, your ground will be sprayed with water in order to dilute any of the possible run-off that occurred during the cleaning process.

Best Left To The Professionals

While cleaning mold off of your roof may sound like an easy enough task that any homeowner with a can-do attitude should be able to do it themselves, it really is a task that is best left to the professionals. You may think that the process is as simple as spraying the mold areas with bleach then cleaning it off, the truth is it is actually a lot more work than it may seem. One of the reasons why is that while the mold can easily be lifted off of newer shingles, cleaning older shingles or deteriorating ones can be a lot more difficult to clean without totally damaging them. Some of these shingles may even need to be replaced, which will be known once the professionals do a walk-through of the roof before starting the job. 

Another reason why it is best to leave this type of job to a pro is that you can actually end up doing a lot more damage to your roof than good when you attempt a do-it-yourself mold removal job. 

It is so easy to take a wrong step and damage your shingles, leave the cleaning agent on the roof for too long, or causing damage in various other ways to your shingles. Of course, there is also the chance that you spend time and money to do the job yourself only to find out that you are not actually able to do it. If you would like professional help cleaning the mold from your roof shingles contact us today!