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Hurricane Tips From A Roofer In Clearwater FL

Hurricane Tips From A Roofer In Clearwater FL

Here are some useful tips to prepare your roof for a hurricane from a roofer in Clearwater FL

Florida has experienced more hurricanes than any other US state. This means that homeowners should be alert for hurricane season. Your roof is your first line of defense against the damage of wind, rain, and lightning. It would be a delight to know that there are ways to prepare your roofing system for hurricanes, and minimize damage. Below are some important hurricane tips from a roofer in Clearwater FL:

Review The Insurance Policy

You can take proactive measures to protect yourself from damage. Therefore, reviewing your insurance policy prior to a potential hurricane is a good idea. It is easy to store and prepare important documents such as insurance policies, warranties and contact information. You also need photos of your house. You should check for coverage gaps as hurricanes can cause damage that may not be covered in your current policy. It is important to know if your policy covers you fully.

A hurricane claim must be supported by evidence. Your claim will be approved if you have documented evidence of the condition of your home before the storm.

Have Your Roof Inspected

Roof inspections are as important as reviewing your policy before hurricane season. Reputable roofing experts like the ones from Old Time Roofing have the experience and knowledge to determine both the strengths and weaknesses of your roofing system. They will help you protect your home from the negative effects of a hurricane.

They are experts and will thoroughly inspect your roof. They inspect your roof for any signs of deterioration and make sure flashing and weatherproofing are in good condition. They also inspect the membrane for leaks and punctures and make sure that all equipment is securely mounted and that gutters are clear.

Trim Overhanging Trees Over Your House

There is always a possibility of damage to your home from a fallen tree limb. Take preventive measures to reduce the chance of hurricane damage and give yourself peace of mind. This is a good time to inspect the trees and branches near your house, just before the hurricane season begins. Tree branches should be at least six feet from your home. 

Replace Broken or Missing Shingles

Clear away debris and identify damaged or missing shingles. There are many stages of shingle deterioration. A shingle must be replaced if it becomes curled, lacking granules, or discolored.

The roof’s underside may be damaged if a shingle is missing or damaged. These cracks may be opened by rain or storms with high winds. 

Clean Downspouts & Gutters

Clearing gutters and drains should be done while inspecting shingles. The free flow of water will ensure that your roof doesn’t become clogged with standing water. You might have backed up water seeping into your home through cracks or leaks.

A Old Time Roofing is the company to contact if you need a professional to prepare your roof for hurricane season. The roofing experts at Old Time Roofing can help you identify areas that are vulnerable and make suggestions for repairs or replacement. They serve clients in the area of Tampa, Sarasota, and Pinellas County. Contact A Old Time Roofing today and schedule a free roofing inspection from a roofer in Clearwater FL before hurricane season starts!