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What Goes Into GAF Master Elite® Certification?

Is My Contractor Really Factory-Certified by GAF?

Factory-Certified by GAF

Many roofing contractors advertise that they are factory-certified in the trade, meaning they have been vetted and approved by a trusted governing body. Trust is the cornerstone of any effective relationship, and contractors invest a lot of time and money to ensure their potential clients know the quality of workmanship they provide. So how can you be sure that those that advertise they are GAF factory-certified are really backed by a governing body.

How Can You Identify Certified Contractors?

Identifying a trusted factory-certified roofing contractor in Pinellas County can be tricky, and not all roofing contractors invest the time, money, and energy into this process.

These contractors often start by advertising that they are factory-certified by GAF, an established governing body.
The process requires a contractor to have completed a written application, an evaluation by a GAF-approved inspector, and an apprenticeship. Once the application is approved, the contractor must complete an apprenticeship under a GAF-approved program and receive factory certification from the governing body.

Unfortunately, some roofing contractors attempt to pass themselves off as certified in this manner. Even more common are contractors who claim to be approved by one of many other governing bodies and do not have valid training or experience. These contractors often operate in Pinellas County under the guise of being “Factory-Certified.”

What Is Considered to Be a High-Quality Roofing Contractor?

Quality contractors are certified to provide factory-certified roofing in Pinellas County. The contractor follows the guidelines, not just to follow them but because they believe in them.

Many contractors believe the GAF certification process is the most effective way to guarantee quality workmanship. They appreciate that a governing body is in place to ensure all contractors have completed a strict set of guidelines before being placed on the approved list.

For residential and commercial properties, these quality roofing contractors recognize that their clients expect them to deliver a visually appealing product backed by reliable customer service and a solid reputation within Pinellas County.

Advantages of Working With a GAF Factory-Certified Roofing Contractor

1. Good-Looking Product

Industry leaders have noticed that consumers tend to purchase products that look good. GAF has recognized this and introduced the factory-certified designation to provide contractors with a quality standard they can trust.

When working with the factory-certified list, most contractors are assured of getting their product appearance right on the first attempt. This provides a solid representation of their skills and professionalism and brings peace of mind to all parties involved throughout the process.

2. Insurable Products

Companies such as GAF have recognized that residential and commercial properties are more vulnerable to weather-related damage. A factory-certified roofing contractor in Pinellas County recognizes the need for quality insurance and will only provide products with a proven track record. Many insurance companies only cover the insured’s roof if a factory-certified contractor installs it.

3. Less Risk

With the factory-certified designation, several levels of quality control testing must be passed before a roofing project can be deemed successful. With all this testing, a GAF approved contractors can mitigate any risk related to completing their job to ensure that the client’s expectations are met.

4. Betterment of the Industry

GAF approved contractors are obligated to the customer, but they may also feel a strong commitment to the entire roofing industry. Contractors recognize that other contractors around them may not follow stringent testing, and some may even slip through the cracks. To ensure that their competitors stay at par, these contractors often promote themselves as a factory- certified in Pinellas County.

5. Good Business

Regardless of whether or not they are GAF-certified, many contractors feel obligated to provide the best product and service that can be offered to their customers. When a client hires a qualified contractor to create a quality product for their home or business, the contractor often feels a sense of pride and responsibility.

GAF approved roofing contractors like Old Time Roofing in Pinellas County offers a warranty to their customers, and they have a solid reputation. They recognize that their clients expect a good-looking product and want to be insured. Because of this, they realize the importance of pride in their jobs.