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Maintenance Tips For Your Flat Roof


Flat roofs are popular for many commercial buildings. While they are simpler to maintain and repair than other types, they still need regular maintenance. Here are some easy maintenance tips to keep your flat roof in top shape.

Watch Out For Water Pooling

Often referred to simply as “ponding”, standing water on a flat roofing can lead to major problems. If your roof or drainage system are damaged, it can quickly cause a concave area, leaks, and even structural damage.

To prevent ponding, inspect your roof for divots or other concave areas. If you find any water pooling on the roof, call Old Time Roofing immediately.

Repair Seams And Membranes

These are the areas where flat roofs are made of two materials. They are called seams.

You should also be aware that the sun can cause permanent damage to your roofing membrane. This is usually manifested as cracks. To prevent further damage and leaks, cracks in seams or membranes should be repaired promptly by professionals.

Clear Any Debris

Flat roofs are prone to all kinds of debris like trash, twigs and other organic matter. It is important to remove them as soon as possible.

To prevent branches from falling on the roof or scratching it, it’s a good idea also to trim them back.

A flat roof can also be affected by snow and ice, which can lead to ponding and even collapse.

Look Out for Cracks, Splits, or Blistering

Flat roofs can be severely damaged by extreme weather. Whether you have recently had a particularly severe winter or the scorching summer sun, you will need to inspect your roof for cracks, splits and blisters. You can ask Old Time Roofing to come out and inspect your roof.

To prevent a roof leak, cracks, splits, and blisters must be quickly filled.

Schedule Regular Inspections As Part of Your Flat Roof Maintenance

Although you may think that a professional roof inspection is a waste of time, we will save you money in long-term costs and prevent problems from happening or correct them before they get worse. We hope these flat roof maintenance tips will come in handy.

Whether your flat roof has been damaged by a severe storm or you just want it to be checked, an experienced local roofing company such as Old Time Roofing is a great investment. Contact us today!