Prepare Your Roof For Hurricane Season

Prepare Your Roof For Hurricane SeasonFlorida residents must deal with heat, humidity, storms, and months of hurricane season. It is essential that you prepare your roof for hurricane season. They threaten the safety of your home and family so preparing for these storms is a must.

Hurricanes Can Have a Devastating Effect On Your Roof

Prepare your roof for hurricane season! Your roof is the first line of protection against the effects of a hurricane. It protects you from the elements, rain, and wind. It is essential to prepare your roof for the storm season. 

Prepare your roof for hurricane season with an inspection

The best and easiest way to prepare your roof for hurricane season is to have it inspected. While you can inspect your roof with binoculars, it is best to leave the job to the professionals at Old Time Roofing to determine if there are any roof problems. You can avoid leaks by diagnosing and fixing problems before the storm hits. It will save you money and help to fix any problems that may arise during a storm.

Roof Maintenance

Your home’s best defense against storms is a well-maintained roof. Roof maintenance is easier than ever with the Old Time Roofing! Check out how we can help and the benefits:

  • All inspections are done by licensed and insured roofing contractors
  • Seasonal inspections can save you time and worry
  • You should inspect for loose shingles, nails, and other debris.
  • Early warning signs of potential problems around skylights and pipes
  • Notify me if there are any soft spots or unusual wear to individual shingles
  • Recommendations for inspection times throughout the calendar
  • In the email, you will receive detailed inspection notes and recommendations
  • Protection will also be provided for AC units and landscaping

Clean Up Around Your Home

You can reduce the risk of your roof being damaged by debris by keeping an eye on your trees. High winds won’t make these objects projectiles, so trimming limbs and disposing of debris is a good idea. It is a good idea not to wait for the storm to trim trees and plants. You don’t want to worry about removing branches or limbs during hurricane preparation.

Gutter cleaning is another important aspect of hurricane preparation. Your gutters must be free of any debris. Blockage of gutters can prevent water from draining off your roof. Hurricanes can bring a lot of water, and if there is no place to go, it will sit on your roof and cause more damage.

Every Roof Is Different

Remember that every roof is unique. You should inspect your roof for missing, curled, or loose asphalt shingles before the hurricanes arrive. Metal roofs are one of the best types of roofs due to their durability, but still, require inspection before storms.

After the Hurricane

Call a professional roofing inspector to conduct a comprehensive roofing inspection after any storm and to get details on how to best prepare your roof for hurricane season. You might not be able to see the underlying problems. It is crucial to fix any damage to your home before water damage occurs!

If you have any damage to your roof, it’s best to get it repaired as soon as possible! Your home may be subject to winds of up to 155 mph during a hurricane. Your roof can be damaged by wind, rain, debris, or all three. Old Time Roofing has the expertise and training to repair any type of roof damage, including missing shingles, water leaks, or discoloration.

Regular maintenance is the best way to prepare your roof for hurricane season. Regular maintenance will ensure that your roof is protected from damage. This is similar to a regular check-up with your physician. Contact Old Time Roofing today so we can schedule an appointment to help keep your home safe during the hurricane season!

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