Why Should You Get a Roof Inspection?

Why Should You Get a Roof Inspection?Roofs are one of those things that many homeowners have no experience with, yet constantly dread and fear. A roofing issue can be a huge problem for a home and its family, a small leak or rip in flashing can grow and work its way to becoming a huge structural problem for your roof. Since most homeowners are completely inexperienced when it comes to spotting the warning signs for these issues, it is extremely important to schedule multiple, regular inspections for your roof. Why should you get a roof inspection? Think about it, would you rather pay a small price to have a company come out with an experienced contractor to do a detailed analysis of your roof or would you like to deal with an expensive, hard to fix issue down the line? Roofing inspections are vital because a trained eye is easily capable of spotting the warning signs of roof issues before they become actual problems. Beyond that, there are many other benefits that bringing a contractor to your house for a roof inspection provides!

Roof Analysis

The most valuable benefit that scheduling an inspect provides is the opportunity to have a trained professional inspect your roof from top to bottom. With the expertise our contractors have, they can spot roofing problems from on the ground; things like busted gutters and punctures on the side of the roof can be problematic as well! Obviously they will get on top of the roof and inspect it from the attic as well, this gives them a 360 view on your entire roof. They’ll be able to spot out any signs of damages or pre-punctures that may lead to leaks down the line. Another benefit of having a professional inspection is that the contractor can also suggest upgrades to materials or to the roof in general. Every roof is a unique structure, different materials and styles will suit certain roofs much more than others. This could apply to your structure as well; it is always nice to know what you can do with your roof or add to reinforce it down the line.


If any damage is found, a quotation can be done on the spot. Our company is reliable and has years of experience working in the Saint Petersburg area, whether you’re working with us for simple repairs or a roof replacement, we put the same expertise and effort into every job. 

Whether you are getting a roofing inspection because you plan on a new roof, you think you may have damage, or just because, our contractor will come out and do a thorough overview of your entire roof. Roofing inspections (and inspections in general) are extremely easy to get lazy with, plenty of contractors are guilty doing half-baked inspections for clients and missing key issues along the way. Would you trust a roofing company to install a brand new roof on your home protecting you and your family if they are liable to miss a simple leak or puncture? Not being thorough when performing a roofing inspection is unacceptable and at A Old Time Roofing we gladly take our time and perform detailed inspections of your property. Don’t just trust any old roofing contractor with your family home roof inspection, contact us today for the best roofing Saint Petersburg has to offer!