Roofing Guide for Summer Storms

Roofing Guide for Summer StormsWhen you think about the summertime there is a good chance that you are only thinking about the beautiful sunshine, wonderful heat, long days, and warm, peaceful nights. All of this sounds amazing, and when it comes to life in Florida, a lot of this is true. However, there is a darker side to the summer – especially in the Sunshine State – and that is the dreaded summer storm. Here is a roofing guide for summer storms. 

While summer is mostly a time of beautiful weather, these summer storms can come with everything from driving rain, high heavy winds, and even hail storms. Anyone who has faced these storms can tell you, they have the potential to pack a lot of damaging blows. The immense damage that high winds and driving rain can cause on your home can easily skyrocket into the millions of dollars range. This is especially true if your home’s protective layer – its roof – is damaged during these summer storms. Because of this, it is important to make sure that your roof is ready to stand up to everything that a summer storm can throw at it, not only this summer but for years to come. 

Get a Professional Roofing Inspection

One of the best ways to make sure that your roof is in good enough shape to survive a bad summer storm is by having a team of professional roofers come in and give your roof a top-to-bottom inspection to seak out any potential risk, faults, or weak spots that may exist or could be exposed during moments of extreme weather. Having a qualified team of roofing professionals come in and inspect your roof before the summer storm season hits is the best way to make sure that any potential roofing issues are identified and rectified before the rain, winds, and hail can come and expose the potential soft spots of your roof and cause thousands and even millions of dollars of damage to your home and property. Not only will roofers look for any potential structural damage or weak points while inspecting your roof, but they will also take a look at things such as the moisture barriers in your roof, which will impact how much water can get into your home. They will also inspect your gables, hips, eaves, and siding. Most importantly, this inspection can help identify any small issue that could blossom into a much bigger, more expensive, problem once the summer storms roll in. However, they do not only identify these issues, but a qualified team of roofers can also act on the issues they find and fix your roof to a state where it is safe to tackle the summer storm season and leave you, your home, and all of your belongings safe and dry all summer long. There may be a situation where an entire re-roofing job may need to be done in order to leave you properly protected during the rain. 

Be Cautious And Stay Safe

When it comes to weather forecasts that normally spark fear for one’s home, a lot of people tend to think about winter storms. There has been a lot of research done that shows that the real worry for homeowners are summer storms. These destructive forces can put you at risk, especially if you live in Florida. One of the best ways to be safe is to be cautious, and one of the best ways to do this is to book an inspection for your roof early in the season to help identify any potential issues before the storms come. If you would like to schedule an inspection for your roof contact us today!