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Shingle Roofing

Shingle roofing has to be the quintessential roofing material in the United States. No matter how far you travel or where you go in the states, you are definitely going to run into a residence or building that is outfitted with some form of shingle roofing. Florida is no exception to this rule. A prospective homeowner will be able to find shingle outfitted roofs from Miami and southwest Florida to the tip of the Panhandle. There are many different types of shingles you can choose to outfit your home with. Asphalt roof shingles come in many different forms. But the most popular in Florida are the 3-tab shingle, architectural shingles, and slate roofing shingles. Below is a concise write-up of the various shingle roofing options available in Florida and various special features that set them apart from each other!

shingle roofing

3-Tab Roofing Shingles

These types of shingles are considered the most basic option in the world of roofing construction. The basic quality has the added advantage of being the best shingle option for lower price points as well. The material is extremely cheap and economical. Aside from that, the installation process is easy and requires less labor! These advantages combined allow us to charge less for the overall project. While the price may be lower, the quality does not drop off with these products. When it comes to wind resistance and durability, they do not produce as good results as a metal or slate roof. But they don’t slack either, providing an upwards of 100/MPH of wind resistance protection! 3-tab styled shingles are also the easiest shingle type to replace as well. Any service calls you may require will be short, easy, and good on your wallet as well. Thanks to the low labor required!

Architectural Shingles

These products are the perfect mid-point between their 3-tab and slate shingle family members. Combining the good price point of 3-tab shingles with the durability and protection offered by slate shingles! Architectural shingles have an extra layer special laminate protection not offered by 3-tab shingles. This adds some heftiness and weight to your entire roof while also working to increase its wind resistance and durability! Architectural shingles are resistance to algae and other plant growth. A detriment commonly associated with 3-tab shingles and also are more aesthetically pleasing, helping to add curb appeal and value to your property. Thanks to their design, architectural shingles are also resistant to curling. This is an extremely common problem with cheaper shingle designs. These qualities allow you to perform less maintenance and scheduled repairs for your roof. In return, saving you more money in the end!

Slate Shingles

To some consumers, slate shingles are the cream of the crop when it comes to discussing shingles. They offered unrivaled durability and protection from the elements. Like their architectural counterparts, slate shingles are extremely effective at preventing curling and algae growth. In addition to this, they provide even more wind resistance and durability as well! The best case scenario for a slate roof is literally 200 years. Yes, you read that right! 75 to 200 years is the lifespan of a properly maintained roof. This is the best quality you can receive for your money in the world of shingle roofing!


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