Should You Really Worry About Missing Shingles?

Missing ShinglesIf you have ever been working away in the garden or yard only to look up to the sky and notice a few missing shingles on your roof, you may have asked yourself if only a few are missing or misaligned is it really worth pulling out the ladder and climbing up there, or making a telephone call to a professional. After all, a few misaligned or missing shingles cannot really be worth that much hassle and money, can they?  While it may be easy to simply shrug off a few missing shingles that won’t really play a significant role in anything, it is simply not true. Even just a few missing shingles are more than just a minor issue. Despite thousands of Americans turning a blind eye to these issues all of the time, your shingles are signs of your home’s health that you should not turn away from. Here is a quick look at how missing shingles can actually impact the overall health of your home.

Why Missing a Shingle Is No Small Thing

While a single shingle or two may seem like such a small issue, these are signs of greater damage elsewhere or at least a sign of potential hazards to come. 

Limited Weatherproofing

Our roof’s shingles are our home’s first line of defense when it comes to protecting our home from mother nature. When a shingle is removed or damaged, the adhesive layer underneath them becomes vulnerable to the weather. Once this layer is compromised, your entire roof’s ability to protect your home from the weather, rainwater, wind, heat and even bugs and rodents is also compromised.

Springing Leaks 

The subtle issue of a missing shingle can quickly lead to another subtle issue: A roof leak. However, a leaking roof is a problem that, if left unattended, can grow into a massive issue that will cost you lots of money and potentially damage more than just your home.

When a shingle is missing, small leaks can begin and these are not always apparent. Leaks where small amounts of water seeps into your home unnoticed. This can lead to issues with your home’s insulation, floorboards, and even the foundation. 

Dry Rot

While leaks are bad, their opposite can be even worse. Dry rot is what happens when hot, dry air moves into a space made by a loose or missing shingle and can cause the moisture from areas to disappear. This causes cracking, breaking, and even the cascading effect of structural failures across your entire home. 

Mother Nature and Time

The sad truth all homeowners know is that nothing lasts. So, your missing shingle may just be a sign of wear and tear from mother nature and father time beating down on your home. Battling the elements to keep you warm, dry, and safe is a hard job. 

Nasty Weather

Whether it is hurricanes, rainstorms, tornadoes, or anything in between, our roofs take a lot of punishment, and some really bad weather can cause damage to our shingles and more. However, even long periods of drought and heat can cause shingle issues. So, it is important that you are keeping an eye on the health of your roof.

Who Can You Turn To For Help?

If you look up and notice you are missing shingles, it is important that you address the issues right away. A professional roofer can help you assess the problem and can even look to see if any of this damage has already begun. Contact us today to get a free roof inspection!