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Storm Damage and Insurance


With the current weather fluctuations, we are
experiencing bigger storms every year and need to be ready for them. One of the
proper ways to do so is to have an insurer who will compensate for the damages.
Storms usually wreak havoc in any area they hit, and repairs might be too
expensive to handle in one sitting. Therefore, with the help of your insurer,
you can work with our team at A Old Time Roofing to reinstate your home. Let us
get into some details and shed some light on what to expect from your insurance

What Is Considered a Storm?

A storm generally involves extremely strong winds
accompanied by heavy rain, hail, or snow. In most states, this falls under the
category of a natural disaster because it isn’t artificial and causes a lot of
damage. Most insurers usually include storms in their covers, but some may
become specific on the kind of storm.

Your insurance company may specify the wind strength
and storm category according to the met department. If the storm does not
attain a certain level, they do not consider it worthy of compensation. This
mostly happens to limit the number of complaints. Therefore, while you may find
storm damage covered in your insurance cover, it is best to understand the
specific details included.

Storm Damage

Storms usually bring significant damage depending on
the wind strength, accompanying rain, and the kind of property. Due to the
intensity of the situation, you can expect damages such as the following:

Roof Damage

At our company, A Old Time Roofing, we usually get
numerous calls to repair roofs after a storm hits St. Petersburg. We usually
encounter missing shingles, missing roofs, dented and cracked shingles, and
collapsed tops.

Structural and Property Damage

Rain and hail usually cause significant damage to
the structure and your belongings, especially due to the excessive water. When
lightning hits, it may damage your home severely and even cause a fire. At
times tree branches or a whole tree may fall on the house or car and damage a considerable
part of the residence.

What Does Insurance Pay For?

In order to protect your St. Petersburg home, you
should ensure that you get the right policy for your house. Most companies pay
for the property repairs, but each may vary on what they give. For example,
some companies will only compensate for the structural repairs and the
belongings inside the house. Therefore, if you have any furniture outside, you
may need to bear the cost.

However, you can opt for garden insurance or choose
a policy that covers everything in your compound. This will help you get
compensation for your outdoor items and valuables. Some packages also include
wind damage. Therefore, you might receive payment for your blown-off fence if
you maintained it in good condition.


You need to ensure that you keep your home and
compound in good condition. Most insurers may deny you compensation if your
property looks neglected or worn out. You wouldn’t want to bear the cost of reinstalling
your roof and structure when you have been paying for the cover.