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The Scope of Our Residential Roofing Services

The Scope of Our Residential Roofing Services

Here is a scope of work when talking about residential roofing services at Old Time Roofing. First, get estimates from several roofers before you start a Tampa roofing job. It is important to get estimates from different roofers. This will allow you to compare the work of both competitors, which is essential for any type of roofing work. This document will include details about the scope of work that their roofing estimates will show. It is important that the homeowner understands his rights regarding the scope of roofing work. This list will give you an idea of your rights and responsibilities as a homeowner.

Preliminary Requirements

1. Roof Inspection

The roofer must conduct a thorough roof inspection before any work can begin. It is important to assess the condition of the entire roof structure. The homeowner should adjust his budget to cover the anticipated expenses. The roofer will need to inspect your home’s plinth and determine the area that you want to cover and the cost per square foot.

2. Advice About The Right Type of Roofing For Your Home

A professional roofer can recommend the best roofing system for your home. To help you choose the right roofing system, he should be able assess the area. The risk of flying debris depends on the amount of vegetation in the area. He should research the climate of the area and select a system that is suitable. He should have all the technical knowledge about roofing so that you can influence your choices and preferences.

3. Presenting Relevant Certificates And Accreditations

You have the right to inspect his certificates, licenses, and accreditations as the homeowner. You can inspect his roofing license and details about the company’s standing before you. Also, documents regarding the training details of the workforce and different manufacturer certificates. This will allow you to gauge the quality of his work.

What Are The General Responsibilities of a Roofer?

1. Quality Workforce

The roofer is responsible for ensuring that a skilled and experienced crew is available. He must ensure that the required number of workers are available to complete the project in a timely manner. The roofer should ensure that the homeowners are not charged extra for additional workers if they require them.

2. Get In Touch With The Right Vendors And Service Providers

For project continuity, the roofer is responsible for contacting the right vendors and logistics teams to ensure that there are no hiccups. Roofers are also responsible for setting rates for different materials and services. 

3. Safety Measures

A roofing contractor’s primary duty is to ensure safety for his workers. He should make use of all safety equipment. He is responsible for the safety and security of his workers as well as the safety and security of the homeowner’s home. He is responsible for the landscape around the client’s house and other assets. He should also make arrangements for their preservation.

Responsibilities Related To The Project

1. In the case of roof repair, or roof replacement, the roof’s existing components will be removed.

There will be lots of debris if the roof project involves major roof repairs or replacements. These parts must be removed by the roofing company and transported away from the site for disposal. This is included in the quoted total. This must be done without causing damage to the house or surrounding areas.

2. Repair of Damaged Roof Structure Components

If a weak spot is found in the frame during inspection, the roofer should repair it. The roofer should ensure that only approved quality materials are used. These parts include the rafter, underlayment and various flashings. Rubber housings for the pipe vents are also included. Install gutters and waterproof sheaths at the eaves. Roofers should ensure that high-quality gutters and downspouts have been installed. He should make sure that all roof edges are waterproofed. 

3. Roof Material

Roofers should ensure that roofing materials used are approved by homeowners. Any unavoidable changes should be communicated to the homeowner in advance. Choosing the correct roofing material is a very important part of our Residential roofing services.

4. Installation

It is important that the contractor ensures that all components of the roof are fitted according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will ensure flawless installation.

5. Warranty

The homeowner has the right to a warranty document detailing all post-project services as well as material quality. It is the responsibility of the roofer to ensure that the materials are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

6. Clean up

The roofer must clean up the area after completing his work. This means that he must restore any garden walls or other structures that are damaged. He should also clean up all waste materials from the project area.

Now you have an idea of the scope of residential Roofing Services at Old Time Roofing. Contact us and speak with a team member to get you booked on the schedule today!