Tips On How to Choose a Roofer

Choose a RooferIf you are seeking a quality roofer it’s important that you complete some important research and that you don’t go with the first person that comes to your door. Completing some proper diligence and making sure that you are getting a good contractor means finding someone that can get the job done right. It’s likely that you’ve heard horror stories from other contractors and rather than going with a contractor that’s going to provide you with a poor quality of job, it is important to choose a roofer that is going to offer guaranteed results before you start to invest in your roof repair or replacement. Here are some top tips on how you can choose a roofer.

Receiving Referrals

If your neighbors quite recently got their roof done, you should speak to them and ask what contractors you should be seeking out for your roofing job. With a referral, you might be able to find somebody local and that can offer you an excellent quality of service that will also match the results that your neighbors got. 

Manufacturer Recommendations

Many local roofing materials manufacturers will have recommended contractors. Local manufacturers often do research with the Better Business Bureau and will make sure that the company has experience installing their product. 

Doing Your Own Research With Online Reviews in the Better Business Bureau

By doing your own research with the Better Business Bureau and checking into online reviews for your area, you can find a roofer that can present you with quality results. Checking into some online reviews will let you know about any problems that people have faced with a roofer in your area. 

Checking for Warranties

There are many contractors that will offer a manufacturer’s warranty and this can cover items that may have been installed incorrectly. A roofer that has a manufacturer’s warranty will be more confident in their work and you can rest assure that any of the issues you may face will be resolved. 

Checking for Proper Insurance and Licensing

Make sure that any company you’re going to be working with has the proper insurance and licensing. Being able to provide you with this information is essential and you could potentially void your home insurance if you choose to go with a contractor that doesn’t have proper licensing. 

Experience With Insurance

If you are performing major repairs on your roof, finding a company that also has experience working with insurance companies can make sure that your claim can be handled. A contractor acting for you when talking to the insurance company can lead to miscommunications and issues with your roofing repair. Rather than feeling pressured, you can have a contractor work as your representative with experience and less hassle.

Proper Safety Training

Any contractor needs to have a safety focus and this means that proper safety training needs to be in place to maintain excellence in their business. One of the most popular programs in the roofing industry is the CARE program. This is a health and safety program for people working at heights and with roofing materials. 

Don’t Feel Pressure

The best roofing contractors don’t pressure you into signing a contract immediately. Be sure that you have the paperwork back from your insurance company and that you are able to work with a contractor that is going to provide you with regular updates and friendly service. Any contractor that comes at you with plenty of pressure is likely in a desperate position.

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