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What Is The Best Roof For High Winds

Roof coverings are put to the test by strong, persistent winds, which can cause costly and devastating damage. This is particularly true in Florida, where extreme winds can occur during hurricane season. For this reason, we will answer the question ” what is the best roof for high winds scenarios?”.

Commercial building roofing offers varying degrees of wind resistance. When installed properly and maintained by an experienced roofing contractor, some types of roofs can withstand high winds more effectively than others. Here is a look at the different types of commercial roofs that can withstand high winds.

What Is The Best Roof For High Winds

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Flat Roofing Systems are the Best Choice for High Winds

If you want to protect yourself from Florida’s strong winds, flat commercial roofing systems are the best option. They also offer many other benefits. A flat roof has less wind resistance because it is almost level, making it more resistant to damage and blow-off.

The resistance of flat roofing systems to high winds depends on several factors, including the type and quality of roofing materials used, as well as the quality and installation of the roof. You have several options with flat commercial roof systems.

1. BUR (Built-Up Roofing)

   BUR roofing is made up of a series of layers of asphalt, reinforced fabrics, and roofing felts. BUR roofing systems for commercial buildings are wind-resistant because of their redundancy. The remaining layers provide immediate protection if a layer is broken. They are also less susceptible to wind uplift and scouring. BUR is tough, durable, and has great membrane strength to provide proven protection from high winds.

2. Modified Bitumen

   Modified bitumen roofing systems are made up of asphalt layers that have been reinforced for strength and then modified with rubber or plastic for flexibility. The primary modifiers today are APP (polymers) and SBS. Today’s reinforcements consist of polyester, fiberglass, scrims, and polymers. Modified bitumen roofs are usually installed in two- or three-ply systems with seams sealed, providing significant wind protection.

What Is The Best Roof For High Winds

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3. Thermoplastic Roofs

   Thermoplastic roofs are durable, flexible, fire-resistant, and require little maintenance. Roofing membranes made of PVC can be installed by welding the seams. Thermoplastic roofs are excellent at tackling pooling hail and water caused by wind, and they also offer considerable wind resistance.

While a flat roof may be the best option for high winds, it is not foolproof. Regardless of the roofing material you choose, the quality of its installation will determine how well it can withstand strong winds. A qualified roofing contractor understands how high winds affect different flat roof systems and the best ways to mitigate them.

Correct installation, for example, can minimize wind uplift, scouring, and other factors that tend to affect flat roof systems. Proper maintenance of a flat roofing system is another important factor in determining its ability to resist extreme winds.

Metal Roofs are a Strong Second Choice

Metal roofs offer an excellent option for commercial roofing in areas with high winds. Metal roofing consists of panels or shingles that overlap and are fastened to an unbreakable substrate or frame. Aluminum and galvanized metal are the most commonly used metals for commercial roofing, though copper, zinc, and tin can also be used.

When installed correctly, metal is a strong and durable roofing material that can withstand powerful winds. Metal roofing can resist wind uplift, which can cause roof damage. Modern metal commercial roofs feature tight seams with fewer overlaps, reducing the number of places where wind can enter and cause damage via wind uplift.

Metal roofing systems for commercial buildings are resistant to high impacts and have a good rating in terms of protection from hailstorms. Quality craftsmanship is important for flat roofing systems, ensuring that your metal commercial roof system performs well in strong winds.

What Is The Best Roof For High Winds

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Metal roofs do require special maintenance, and roof performance issues can be addressed by professional care, including regular inspections and repairs.

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