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What Goes Into GAF Master Elite® Certification?

What Is the GAF System Plus Warranty?

What Is the GAF System Plus Warranty?

The GAF System Plus Warranty is a comprehensive coverage plan that includes everything from replacing defective materials to rebuilding the roof. GAF System Plus Warranty has had an outstanding reputation in the roofing industry since it opened its doors. Comprehensive coverage ensures complete peace of mind as you enjoy your new shingles.

Lifetime GAF

The GAF Lifetime Guarantee is one of the company’s most comprehensive and basic benefits. It covers a roof for its lifetime and includes all new parts and materials required for the roof’s life. This covers roof shingles, flashing, and other material up to five years after this warranty is implemented. From there, it becomes a limited warranty covering items up to 10 years after implementation.

GAF’s Lifetime 10-year shingle warranty is available on all GAF residential products. It comes with every new GAF residential product purchased. Window regulators or doors that need to be replaced for various reasons will be covered for the first ten years after installation.

Re-Roofing Coverage

The GAF System Plus Warranty creates an added layer of protection in case you choose to replace your entire roof due to damage or wear. This additional coverage is exclusive to the original manufacturer of the products and will replace a replacement roof or sustainment of materials up to 10 years after a new roof installation.

Product Quality

The GAF System Plus Warranty includes manufacturer-backed guarantees on products to ensure the quality of all materials used. After installation, GAF will send employees to monitor product performance. If a defect is discovered, they will repair or replace the material free of charge.

With the GAF System Plus Warranty, you have a second chance at knowing that your cedar or cellulose shingles were installed properly and will function properly for many years.

GAF’s exclusive Weather Master shingles ensure that your roof is protected for up to 30 years. This product quality is backed by a GAF Lifetime Shingle/Labor/Materials Warranty.

A 30-year material backs the shingles and a 20-year labor warranty, so you know they will last through multiple repairs and replacements. GAF shingles are made to last over time, so life-of-home warranties are the best way to guarantee roof protection for years to come.

Architectural Tradition

GAF Timberline HD Shingles are fine-looking shingles with a classic design. For example, these shingles offer a more detailed look than their predecessor, Timberline architectural shingles, and come in different textures and styles for you to choose from. GAF Timberline HD Shingles are a great choice for new construction or remodeling.

GAF Architectural Trim is created with a special composite process that lets them look very realistic while keeping the structure of a wood product. These trims look just like wood and can be used to enhance the looks of your home or protect it from the elements.

The GAF Architectural Trim Warranty includes all manufacturers’ defects to guarantee complete satisfaction with your purchase.

Professional Roofing Contractors

To ensure you’re getting a quality product at an affordable price, choose a company with years of experience. GAF Certified Contractors have proven their quality and reliability through the training and education GAF has given them. They have also passed a rigorous test to become certified, ensuring they know how to install your shingles to meet your needs properly.

Get your roof inspected by a trained GAF Certified Inspector to make sure you’ve received the best product. The inspector will review all parts of the roof to ensure they perform as they should do. They will then inspect each shingle, flash, and sealant for any defects or damage. They will guarantee that you are 100% satisfied with your roofing product.

Lifetime Roof Leak

GAF’s inspectors use a computer program to thoroughly inspect your roof for any leaks or defects. If a leak is found during this inspection, GAF will fix it at no extra charge. GAF’s Lifetime Roof Leak Guarantee also covers you in the event of any sudden or accidental damage due to faulty materials.

The GAF Residential Shingle Warranty is a comprehensive coverage plan that includes everything from replacing defective materials to completing roof rebuilding. Comprehensive coverage ensures complete peace of mind as you enjoy your new shingles. This warranty provides total protection and includes lifetime free replacements on all shingles and all labor, materials, and installation costs. Call A Old Time Roofing today to learn more about the GAF System Plus Warranty.