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What Goes Into GAF Master Elite® Certification?

What’s the Best Warranty for Your GAF Roof?

The durability and value of our home depend on the quality of the roofing structure invested in. A quality roofing system may be expensive, but it should provide long-lasting benefits. However, if the work is not properly done or in case of faulty materials, the opposite can happen.

To save yourself from such unexpected costs, you should ensure you’re covered. This is where a warranty comes in. This article will explore the four primary GAF warranties and their qualifying criteria.

Roofing System Limited Warranty

Shingles & Accessory Limited Warranty is the basic warranty offered by GAF. However, Roofing System Limited Warranty provides better and more comprehensive coverage. The Shingles and Accessory Limited Warranty covers shingles. On the other hand, the Roofing System Limited Warranty safeguards your entire roof. These include underlayment, shingles, ventilation products, and starter strips.

System Plus® Limited Warranty

Install your shingles with three additional GAF accessory products to qualify. It offers a 50-year limited warranty, 15-year wind cover, and 10-year algae growth cover.

Silver Pledge Warranty

This is the second-highest warranty cover offered by GAF. To qualify for this warranty, work with a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor. At least four qualifying products must also accompany your premium shingles.

This warranty offers you a 50-year lifetime coverage and 10-year algae protection. You’ll also get a 15-year wind cover without a maximum wind speed limit. In case of replacement, it covers shingle tear-off and disposal. Additionally, this warranty also offers a 10-year workmanship coverage.

Golden Pledge Limited Warranty

This is the highest and the best GAF warranty so far. The Golden Pledge Limited Warranty outshines the other three packages. The warranty offers you 30-year coverage for both workmanship errors and material defects. It also includes a 15-year range without a maximum wind speed limit.

Additional benefits include a 10-year algae growth cover and tear-off and disposal coverage. To get this warranty, hire a GAF Master Elite Certified Contractor for your roofing. You must also combine premium GAF shingles with at least five qualifying accessories.

The final results of your roofing system highly depend on your roofing contractor. For high-quality and durable shingle roofing installation,  contact A Old Time Roofing.