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When Is the Best Time to Go for Metal Roof Replacement?

Metal Roof Replacement

You’re ready to enjoy the many benefits of metal roofing. However, you aren’t sure when the best time is to schedule the installation. Metal roofing isn’t subject to the same cold-weather precautions as shingles so it can be installed annually. Do you think it is time to consider metal roof replacement? Find out by reading below!

Installations During Peak Roofing Season

Roofing contractors work all year, but we are busiest in the fall and late summer. Because the summer heat has subsided and the weather is more predictable, there is less chance that a job could be delayed by rain. This is because roofers are more likely to have a full schedule, so expect a longer wait for installation.

Winter: Who Would Have Thought?

You might think that metal roof replacement is only possible in warm weather. However, winter is the best time to put a metal roof. You’re likely to get your job done quickly because it is the slowest season for roofers. You might get a discount because so many roofers compete for the same job.

Old Time Roofing won’t install metal roofing if the temperature drops below freezing. Metal will shrink if it is exposed to freezing temperatures, contrary to popular belief. It could expand again and “oil can” (or warble) the metal, making it look bad.

Selection of Roofing

You should choose a roofing material that is durable and has curb appeal. Although asphalt is the most common choice, its ability to trap moisture can cause damage and unsightly mold patches. Asphalt roofs should be replaced approximately every 15-20 years. Stone slate and wood shakes require extensive maintenance and can be damaged by the elements. Metal roofing is gaining popularity due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. Old Time Roofing’s metal roofing products are virtually maintenance-free and are guaranteed for life. They will not crack, chip, or peel.

To determine the best type of roof for you, thoroughly research and contrast all options.

Schedules for Contractors

Contact roofing contractors well in advance if you need to replace your roof before the peak season. The busiest seasons for roofing contractors are summer and autumn, as weather conditions are more stable. Therefore, schedules fill up quickly. Metal roofing can be installed at any temperature so it is worth scheduling your installation in the slow season to make your contractor’s work easier and possibly take advantage of special pricing.

It can be difficult to replace a roof, especially for first-time homeowners. With enough research and planning, you can be successful with a roof replacement. Metal roofing will save you thousands on future roof replacements.

Are You Convinced It Is the Right Time to Replace Your Metal Roof?

These are the signs that will help you determine if you require a roof replacement. What do you do?

  • It all depends on whether you believe you need a new roof. 
  • If you feel it is time to replace your roof, do you want to know how much a replacement metal roof will cost? 
  • We are not like other roofing companies. We’ll tell you what price ranges are available for your metal roof.

Find Out More About Metal Roofs

Old Time Roofing can answer all your questions regarding metal roofing and provide a free cost estimate or schedule a repair. We are ready to help you with your metal roof replacement and any of your roofing needs. Call us today!