The Vital Importance of Permits and Final Inspections

Roofing PermitsHaving a new roof installed is traditionally an expensive task and even if you’re working with a contractor who has affordable rates, it can be tempting to look toward the contractor that may want to offer installation and repair work without a business license or without roofing permits. Roofing permits and final inspections as well as licensed businesses are important for any type of roofing installation. Your roof is one of the most important structures on your home and if the company has not obtained the proper permits or inspected your roof, you should never sign a contract with the company that is offered. Any reputable roofing contractor will check out your roof before they quote the job, they will have licensing and insurance and they will help you acquire the permits that may be required for your roofing job.

Homeowners can often be taken advantage of by contractors that promised them the moon. When the quality of work is poor, the cost savings that you faced upfront by choosing an inexperienced contractor may not be worth it in the long run. It’s often better to go with a more experienced roofer that can handle everything that was detailed in your contract and meet all applicable building code requirements. 

It’s not uncommon to hear stories like this and this is why we recommend that many homeowners are performing regular maintenance and working closely with a roofing company that can regularly take a look at their roof and inspects it. Hiring a local contractor to inspect a roof will make sure that it’s up to code and that work can continue on the roof when it’s required. 

Storms across the state of Florida happen regularly and after a hurricane or major storm there’s a number of unlicensed roofing contractors that will come forward to try and help owners in need. Unlicensed roofing is an activity that’s a third-degree felony and this could mean that if your contractor is caught, they can leave your roof half under construction with zero liability to complete the job.

Our company has assisted a number of individuals in fixing up their poorly repaired roofs and in cleaning up the work of other unlicensed contractors. We’ve built a strong reputation in our community as a reputable contractor and are a company that offers fully licensed work for roofing inspections, repairs, and more. Our team will not only get all of the applicable permits for your job, but we can perform ongoing inspections, repairs, and assessments on your roof as required. Our team strives to be the group of roofers that you can depend on in the event of storm damage or other emergencies. We detail everything on our quotes to ensure that our customers remain in the loop. By offering a guarantee on all of our work, we can also ensure that your roofing job is protected long after we have been on site. 

Contact our team today if you are in need of quality roofing that uses full permits, expert labor, and a fully licensed business. We are a team that is proud to serve Florida and help discourage homeowners from using unlicensed contractors or putting themselves at risk!