The Perils of Unlicensed Roofing: Why You Should Always Choose Professional and Licensed Contractors

Unlicensed RoofingPaying for an experienced roofing contractor is not something that should be considered a bad investment. Unlicensed roofing work can lead to a series of problems with your roof. If you ever find yourself in a situation where there was damage to your roof and someone comes along offering you an attractive price for the repair process, you need to ask for their credentials first. Unlicensed roofing work may save you a bit of money but the damage that it might eventually cause can put you far behind. Here are some of the things that can happen to you when you choose an unlicensed roofing contractor.

Legal Problems

In the state of Florida, you could face fines up to $5000 if you hire an unlicensed contractor such as a roofer. If there’s ever an issue with your roof or the labor involved you might not be able to sue the repairman for any damages that were caused by the workmanship. The only way that you could seek reparations in the process is with a civil lawsuit that may drag on for years after the process is completed. 

An Overall Lack of Expertise

Most unlicensed contractors will misrepresent their experience in the field. When a roofer doesn’t have a license it’s likely that they may not have the health and safety training, experience with insurance providers or experience in general with roofing. This means that small items could be missed in the process of completing your roof. An unlicensed roofer does not have much incentive to do a quality job and this often leads to them misrepresenting their experience and giving you limited legal options. 

Manufacturer Warranty Void

Many of the roofing materials that you would install and other building materials throughout your home come with manufacturer warranties. There’s a chance that you could void any of these manufacturer warranties simply by choosing an unlicensed contractor. Hiring an unlicensed contractor could have any manufacturer refusing to work on your property in the future or cover the damages associated with your home. 

Zero Insurance From The Company

Almost every unlicensed repair contractor will not carry any type of insurance. Most insurance companies will ask for a business license before they will ensure a business and this means that you could be held liable for any accidents that happen on site. Even if unlicensed roofing technician damages your roof or hurts themselves on the job, you’ll be forced to pay for these damages out of your own pocket. 

Poor Customer Service

Because an unlicensed roofing contractor has zero liability to finish the work or offer you excellence in customer service, it’s unlikely that they will provide you with the same quality of service that you would get from a team of experts in roofing. When working with a group of licensed roofers, you will often have access to better updates on your roofing job, improved customer service, and more. 

Using Old Materials

Unlicensed roofing contractors may not have experience with the materials of the industry and they may not be able to recommend the best types of materials that should be used for your roofing job. Many unlicensed roofing contractors might also reuse old roofing materials or older styles of roofing materials on your roofing job. 

If you’d like to work with a reputable roofing contractor for your roofing needs, contact our staff today. We can make sure the process of repairing your roof can be handled by true experts in the field. We have all applicable training, licensing, and insurance to improve the quality of your roofing job.