5 Common Roofing Problems

5 Common Roofing ProblemsIt is likely that any homeowner in South Florida understands that a roof will need occasional maintenance and repairs for damage that occur as the materials degrade. All roofs require ongoing assistance to keep their roofing structures intact and to make sure the home can stay well protected from the elements. If you are trying to stay on top of any sign of trouble with your roof, it’s important to recognize some of the main signs of damage so that you can know exactly when to call a professional in. Here are five common roofing problems in Florida and how to watch out for them.


One of the most common reasons that we get calls in Florida is for roofing leaks. Roofing leaks can often open up due to severe weather conditions as well as roofing materials beginning to break down. When a roof starts to break or crack, this can often cause leaks across the home. Roof leaks can be caused by a lack of maintenance, improper installation as well as when materials are put under extreme strains such as during a storm. Having a regular inspection plan after a storm and making sure that you are performing regular maintenance on your roof can help to prevent these leaks.

Clogged Drains

When drainage paths become clogged there’s a series of problems with water that can often occur with a sales order roof. When a drain or downspout starts to get clogged up, this can cause problems with weight load on the roof and speed up the deterioration of roofing membranes. Water cooling often leads to the growth of algae as well as significant issues with flushing out the foundation on your home. Working with a professional roofer to inspect and remove debris from your roof or clogged storm drains can be important to mending this issue.

Rot And Vegetation Removal

When algae and vegetation have the chance to build upon roofing systems, this can lead to a series of drainage issues. When shingle roofs have the chance to rot, they can often fall off and expose areas like the membrane of a roofing system. This can make a roof much more prone to shingle curling or buckling and then eventual leaks. Unwanted debris and vegetation can often be caused by a lack of roofing maintenance or cleanup.

Cracking Shingles

Cracking shingles or alligatoring is a fairly common problem throughout South Florida. When the bituminous materials that can be found in roofing shingles start to dry up, this can produce deep cracks that will cause shingles to basically erode away. As the heat index increases and shingles continue to crack, they become more brittle and have a greater chance of leaking. Regular inspection on roofing tiles and applying UV protection to roofing systems can prevent this issue from occurring.

Problems With Roof Flashing

The roof flashing is a system that protects the creases between fixtures on your roof. Flashing is quite common between the chimneys or vent pipes. When the asphalt surrounding flashing begins to degrade, this can often cause a series of expansion and contraction effects within a roofing system. The sun’s rays can work to melt the tar and exposed portions of the flashing which can lead to damage across the roof like leaks or improper drainage. The improper installation of roof flashing or problems with the flashing being pulled away from the home can cause problems as well. Spot the signs of gaps in your flashing before it is too late. Regular inspection can help with this.

If you are in need of a professional inspector or skilled roofing repair expert, contact our staff at Old Time Roofing today. We can assist with spotting some of these common roofing problems as well as handle their repair.