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What Goes Into GAF Master Elite® Certification?

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Clearwater RoofingIf you need a quality roofer in Clearwater Florida call Old Time Roofing today! You’re likely to look for someone who has all the top qualities that a roofing company should have. If you’ve never had to hire a roofing company before, it’s important to keep in mind some of the top expectations that you should have from any quality roofer before they start work on your roof. Here are some of the top qualities to look for in a Clearwater roofing company.

Clearwater Roof Repair

Old Time Roofing offers rapid Clearwater roof repair teams that are available 24 hours a day to handle any emergency. Our reputation as the best Clearwater roofers and commercial property owners has earned us a great deal of trust over the years. We also offer emergency services.

After the storm has passed, we will return to inspect the damage more closely and recommend additional repairs or replacement of the roof if needed. We will also give you estimates and documentation to assist with filing a claim on homeowner’s insurance for damages.

Old Time Roofing is among the few roofing contractors in Florida, we have the resources and requisite experience to deal with every possible roofing issue you may have. Whether it is Clearwater roof repair or installation, we can tackle any type of roofing project. Our proven track record of completing projects on time, regardless of the structure and complexity makes us a preferred choice of several clients. Our company has been around for many years and has served hundreds of household and commercial clients in the area.

Excellence in Communication

Any good roofing contractor will provide you with great communication from the moment that they arrive on site. The best Clearwater roofing company will always be attentive to your needs. Also, they’ll be providing you with updates on the nature of your roofing system. 

Proper Project Management

The best roofing company also comes with project managers and experienced roofers that will coordinate the roofing jobs. From the start of the project, it’s important that you have a supervisor that will oversee the process. They will help keep things organized on your job site. 

Proper Diagnosis

A quality roofing contractor will be able to provide you with a proper diagnosis of the roofing issue. If a roofer just tells you that you’re going to need a new roof, they could be missing out on a variety of different solutions that could save you from having to purchase an entirely new roof. It’s important to speak to your roofer about the issues that are affecting your roof before they start the replacement process. 

Great Online Reviews

If a roofing company has great online reviews, it is often a sign they can offer a service you wouldn’t expect to find in other services in your area. Checking some online reviews and seeing if there are any signs of trouble with a roofing company is a good way to start out. Checking the Better Business Bureau profile for your local roofer can also be an important step. This makes sure that they haven’t tried to take advantage of others.

Proper Licensing And Insurance

You might be forgoing your warranty by choosing a roofing contractor that does not have proper licensing and insurance. When you go to an unlicensed roofer you could be held liable for any accident or damages that take place on-site. Choosing a licensed roofer will also ensure that you will get a manufacturer’s warranty on the materials that are going up on your roof. Many reputable roofers that also have licenses will offer an installation warranty on your roof that covers some of the labor. 

Warranty And Product Information

The best Clearwater roofing company will be able to offer you a comprehensive warranty. They will also provide information on all of the products that they will be using for the installation and replacement of your roof. If a roofing company is unable to offer you a warranty or any information on the types of roofing materials, it is best for you to avoid working with them.

Contact Old Time Roofing today for more information on a quality roofer in the greater Clearwater area. Looking for one of the best clearwater roofing companies? Look no further than A Old Time Roofing!

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